CV Miscellany


B.A., 1997, EnglishUniversity of Florida
Ph.D., 2011, BiologyUniversity of Missouri

Funding acquired

  • 2014: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, PI ($93,663)
    • Statewide survey and nest-site selection patterns of Reddish Egrets
  • 2014: University of Nebraska Omaha FIRE grant opportunity, co-PI ($35,000)
    • Full life-cycle adaptation to climate change
  • 2014: Upper Mississippi & Great Lakes Joint Venture, co-PI ($77,961)
    • Seasonal fecundity and post-fledging survival and habitat selection of the Henslow’s Sparrow
  • 2013: University of Missouri Research Council, co-PI ($7,225)
    • Identification of the breeding grounds of Ovenbirds wintering in Puerto Rico
  • 2012: International Institute of Tropical Forestry, co-PI ($5,000)
    • Monitoring avian populations in a dry tropical forest
  • 2006-2010: U.S.D.A. Forest Service ($43,000)
    • Cause-specific mortality of breeding songbirds in Midwestern forests.
  • 2007: University of Missouri – TWA Scholarship ($7,000)
  • 2007: Audubon Society of Missouri Scholarship ($2,000)
  • 2006: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship ($121,500)

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