Moving on

In March of last year, Allison and I drove to Omaha to find housing for a post-doctoral position that was too good to turn down.  It was a blustery, cold day and Omaha was coated with a layer of snow dirtied by people living their lives in the week since it had fallen.  Future uncertain, we decided. As I write, Allison is in Florida, looking for housing.  After 2.5 years on the market and 46 applications submitted, I found a permanent job working at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in Gainesville.  We couldn’t be more excited to go back home.

But despite the vagaries of midwestern weather (on Saturday I was getting pelted by what can only be described as a horizontal sleet storm, on Sunday it was 59 degrees with calm winds and a deep blue sky), we had a wonderful time in Nebraska and in many ways I am sad to leave.  I will miss you, Bobolink with the yarmulka.

Great bird.
Great bird.

I will miss you, humidity- and tick-free hiking.

Allison and Stella enjoying un-Missouri, tick-wise.
Allison and Stella enjoying un-Missouri, tick-wise.

I will miss you, freakishly polite populace (seriously, Nebraskans take the midwestern thing to a whole new level).

Nut-job Nebraska graduate student
Nut-job Nebraska graduate student

I will miss you, Nebraska.


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