And another thing!

The title of this post is what Allison thinks I should have called this blog, largely because she associates it with old curmudgeons (think Grandpa Simpson).  This because of my last post complaining about mis-citations, my recent (100% polite) fight with a grocery clerk about a poorly worded coupon, and my idea for a post about a general lack of good manners in academia.   The last topic really does deserve its own post.  I was treated like an afterthought at a recent job interview (repeated unanswered emails, poorly scheduled visit, it took three months to get reimbursed for travel expenses) and a friend of mine made the final cut for a job and yet still had to contact the chair of a search committee to be told, “Sorry, I forgot to tell you that we offered the job to someone else.”   The unresponsive nature of most job searches is generally rude, actually.  And anyone who has participated in the process knows how bad reviews can be.

But.  The sun is shining, the sounds of robin nestlings are coming from every third tree, and the ~1.5 million rabbits that live in my neighborhood are hopping about and munching on grass in an offhand way.  It’s a beautiful morning.  So instead of turning my complaints about academia into a full blown rant, I give you three things that make me happy.

Going places
Going places.
Scrabble games so intense you best be buckled in.
Scrabble games so intense you best be buckled in.
Being home.
Being home.

11 thoughts on “And another thing!

  1. Oh my word that last picture is so sweet. 🙂 All good blogs should have some perspective every once in a while. Hear hear.

  2. I hope all who hire read your blog. When hiring, I’ve always prided myself in sending prompt emails to applicants to notify them 1) when their materials have been received, 2) when they’ve been advanced or cut from the process and what factors caused certain applicants to be advanced, and 3) when the final person has been selected, and again, what factors made that person most appealing. I wish others would adopt this plan. It is a disservice to our field to leave people in the dark.

    1. ~8 people read this thing. But I do wonder whether it’s worth putting something together for The Chronicle.

      Hope the Galapagos treated you well!

      – Andrew

    2. Ray, you are one of the good ones. I’ve had many applications go completely unacknowledged. One that I can think of in particular, I was in the top three candidates having made it through interview rounds one and two, plenty of positive feedback, and then…nothing. To this day I joke that the plant must have burned to the ground and all records were lost, all emails were not retrievable from the corporate mail server, because I got nothing, even in response to follow up emails.

  3. That Scrabble photo makes me very happy! Such a great summer. Wish you two lived closer for more geeky fun times!

    1. One of the best summers of my life! Soon enough I will have a permanent job, at which point we will start assaulting the good graces of old friends by showing up on their doorsteps, Scrabble board in hand.

  4. I’ve actually interviewed with a company, no less than 4 times, (5 if you count the time they asked me to leave work early, drive 40 minutes in traffic, to get there only to be told they cancelled) have it insinuated that I got the job, then be completely ignored when I tried to contact the hiring manager and the recruiter. VERY frustrating and rude….

  5. This is great my friend, although it saddens me that even now that you have attained the status of “Dr. Cox”, you are still behind the dog in terms of A’s affections. Keep up the good words.

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