“Blog” must be in the running for the least attractive word in the English language. It is a chimera of guttural, nearly scatological sounds (“blah”, “ugh”) that for me is vaguely reminiscent of dusty, bleating, farm animals (“Baa!”). Which is appropriate if you consider that some bloggers and sheep are strikingly similar both in their style of communication and the depth of their content. Until recently, when I heard “blog” all I could think of was Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

So then, here I am, setting up a page on a blogging website. It’s either ironic, or hypocritical, or both, right? Probably! But I’ve begun reading the blogs of some friends and other people who have shared interesting thoughts on the process and outcome of science. By setting up shop here at WordPress I can easily follow those blogs and maybe even write down my own thoughts from time to time.  Plus, it was really easy to put together a slick looking website.


4 thoughts on ““Blog”

  1. I just clicked “Follow” and I have never ever followed a blog in my whole life.
    You should feel special, but you probably don’t.

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